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Easter is an opportunity to abide

“Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here. He is risen!” In Luke’s gospel this is what the two beings dressed in white stated to the women who ventured to the grave that third morning after Jesus’ crucifixion. This is a passage that all believers in Christ should get excited about as His resurrected life means life for us. 

This week is Holy Week, and it presents a worthy opportunity to spiritually step back and examine your heart and to truly seek how it is aligning with Truth. Truth as in Scripture and/or Truth as in the person of Jesus. You see, if you are like me, we can still wander among the dead. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. Either way it is wandering where there is not life. Remember we were called to have life and to have it abundantly. 

When God was creating at the dawn of time, He lovingly formed us with life and eternity in mind; not separation and death. The latter is the result of missing God’s perfect mark, sin. Yet even though sin had its drastic and tragic outcome that has flowed forward since Genesis 3, God had a plan of redemption. His redemptive plan had great cost–the life of His Son–and He was willing to pay the cost, for us. Reflecting on that not only during Holy Week but with steadfast regularity is the worthy opportunity we can have anytime. When we reflect and act accordingly, that is abiding. Scripture tells us that when we abide in Him, He is abiding in us.  

As we reflect, let’s remember that your sin and mine drove the nails, while His love and obedience drove Him to our cross so His redemptive work could be completed for us, in us.  

This week is Holy Week and you and I have an opportunity… let’s invest in this opportunity to abide.  

Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here. He is risen! 

He is risen, indeed. 

Have a happy and joyous Easter! 

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