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“I know 2022 will bring highs and lows, bright and dark, sunshine and rain yet I am choosing to abide.”

The horns are silent, the confetti has settled and 2022 is here. I don’t know about you but there are aspects of 2021 that I am glad are in the rearview mirror, yet I have growing anticipation for 2022.

Each trek around the sun has good aspects as well as lower aspects and 2021 was no different. As the New Year was ushered in the former year ended with some difficulties in tow. Difficulties like: expanding COVID, unexpected passings of loved ones, and continued fear-based thinking and ideas being showered overtly. These all are lower aspects for sure, however, the growing anticipation I feel is being constructed on one short phrase: God is able.

As I look inwardly, I must be able to admit to myself that I do not have control over any of those lower point items. Zero, and when my focus there is not on God. He lovingly and carefully is reminding me of my focus as I walk with Him. New years are built around opportunities for self-reflection. So, as we embark on 2022, allow me to ask, where is your focus?

In our community, there is a core belief that all scripture is God-breathed, living, and active. Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit scripture meets us where we are and points us toward God. It is here we have the opportunity to abide or remain so our focus can drill down in Him, and He can commune with us corporately and individually. We were created for this type of relationship and through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus we can again as a member of humankind have that relationship.

God is able.

There are numerous scriptures that highlight this. Jeremiah pointed to God being able when he wrote, “I am the LORD, the God of all mankind; is anything too hard for Me.?” Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus, “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us… .” God is able.

While God is able there will be happenings in our lives or the lives of our kids where we do not understand. Even there, God is able, and it is in this place we need to embrace that our thoughts are not like His thoughts and our ways are not like His ways, according to Isaiah. Life will be hard and there will be seasons or chapters that we do not understand. During these times it is the abiding that sustains us.

So, 2022, I know you will bring highs and lows, bright and dark, sunshine and rain yet I am choosing to abide. It is in this growing anticipation I am choosing to look for joy in the present, choosing to look for ways to be a blessing, and choosing to remain connected in the True Vine because God is able.

Will you join me? I hope so.

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