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Head of School Message

Troy McIntosh, Head of School

Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes magazine, is coming to Worthington Christian School, and we are inviting the entire community to attend. Mark your calendar now for Thursday, February 13 at 7:00pm in the AC Auditorium. Mr. Karlgaard has recently published a new book entitled Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement. Its central message strikes at the heart of a current cultural phenomenon that impacts nearly all teens, parents and educators.

Young people today are experiencing a collective mental health crisis. Rates of teenage depression are up 70% over the last two decades. American students being treated for psychiatric conditions have more than doubled since 2009. Eating disorders have doubled in just three years. As we ourselves have painfully experienced, WC is not immune to this crisis.

Mr. Karlgaard offers keen insight on this topic in his new book. In one passage he writes,

“The changes [in the scope of the problem] don’t correspond with widespread famine, systemic poverty, wars, security threats, or any other such events that normally affect mental health. Rates of depression among American adolescents and young adults were much lower during the Great Depression, World War II, and the war in Vietnam – when the US had a military draft – than they are today. Instead, the rise seems to have much more to do with the way young people experience the world.”

Worldview matters, and it seems that the dominant worldview of the day is crippling our teens’ mental health. It’s easy for parents and educators to get caught up in the “rat race,” too, seeing early achievement as the only pathway to a successful life. Mr. Karlgaard also says:

“Let’s stop and ask this: Is the sacrificial expenditure of money, wrecked family dinners, and kids exhausted from organized activities producing better, more productive, or happier people? Is it helping people bloom? For the majority of kids, it’s doing the exact opposite. This pressure for early achievement has an unwitting dark side: It demoralizes young people…We’re stunting their development, closing their pathways to discovery and making them more fragile. Just when we should be encouraging kids to dream big, take risks, and learn from life’s inevitable failures, we’re teaching them to live in terror of making the slightest mistake.”

At WC, we strive to lay out the appeal of an alternate worldview that is life-giving rather than life-destroying. We aim to educate the whole child in such a way that allows every student to develop at their own rate and become the unique individuals God created them to be, in His timing rather than the culturally mandated path to early achievement. We want to be a community that thinks more deeply on this problem and creative devises solutions. Rich Karlgaard’s visit will help us do that very thing.

Karlgaard is not only a successful author and magazine publisher, but he is also a believer. He has written specifically to WC, “To Worthington Christian School students, parents, teachers, and administrators: I am a Christian by belief, but I wrote Late Bloomers as a secular book, in the same way that for 27 years all my Forbes articles have been written for a secular readership. Nevertheless, many Christian readers recognize the source of my voice and thinking about economic topics, and now with my new book, about later-blooming children and adults.”

To read more from Mr. Karlgaard, check out the blog post he edited exclusively for WC’s blog for parents.

Please make plans to join us as he addresses our community on February 13. This is a ticketed event, and seating is limited. Early Bird General Admission tickets are $7 each. Beginning January 6, 2020, General Admission tickets go up to $10 each. Follow the link below to take advantage of the Early Bird ticket price.

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