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Head of School Message

WC remains fully committed to providing a rigorous, well-rounded Christian education

Living in a COVID-19 world has caused all of us to become rather familiar with some level of uncertainty in our lives. I can attest that schools are experiencing the same thing— postponing decisions as we wait for more information, having to adjust on the fly when that information comes in, changing typical rhythms and patterns of the school calendar, and operating procedures.

Yet there is one thing we can be certain of – the gospel imperative of WC’s mission of the Christian education of our students has not changed. If anything, we are more fully committed to it as the need for a compassionate, clear-thinking, and well-trained Christian generation comes into sharper focus even as the events around us swirl with confusion and uncertainty. We remember what T.S. Eliot wrote, that “the purpose of a Christian education is not merely to make more pious Christians, but to primarily train them to think in Christian categories.” A rigorous, well-rounded, and Christian education–like WC aspires to provide each school day–shapes and molds those Christian categories in students’ minds. The great themes of creation, fall, and redemption become lenses through which they view the world. Grace, hope, purpose, calling, meaning and many, many other biblical categories are part of a WC education and give our students a framework for understanding God, the world, and their place in it.

These are things that COVID cannot touch because they transcend our physical experiences. They are vitally important in the development and growth of our children. We know that the best way to provide this education is face-to-face and on-campus. It is why we are doing what we can in order to protect our ability to offer that safely to our students. Yesterday, the governor mandated facial coverings for all K-12 students who are returning to campus for the start of the year. While I do not know anyone who is excited about that prospect, we will abide by it and trust that God will use it to protect our ability to provide on-campus instruction. There are things that all of us can do to protect on-campus learning as well. Being smart and avoiding risky behavior that could spread the virus serves the interest of all of us who wish to remain on campus for school. Thank you for being willing to practice restraint or temporary sacrifice in order to minimize the risk of moving school online.

We hope that these temporary restrictions are over soon. We do not know how long they will last and that is part of the uncertainty we live with. Thank God, though, that because of Him there are certainties to which we can stake our lives, our children, and their education. Thanks for joining us in our mission.

Current WC families: Don’t forget that Mr. McIntosh is hosting a parent zoom meeting on August 6 (tomorrow). Refer to the email he sent on August 5 for meeting link and password information.

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