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A few thoughts as the school year is now underway

Well, the dust has mostly settled, the routines are nearly established, and I am glad to report that WC is up and running. Parents, this is about the time to take a big breath and exhale slowly while realizing – we got them back to school! Whew… In our minds let’s slap each other a high five and enjoy the moment!  

Have you ever noticed there is something about the start of a school year where at some point along the way you find yourself thinking back to either a prior year for your child or maybe even a beginning of a school year for yourself? There is just something that nudges many of us to reflect upon some nostalgia of an earlier time and I would urge each of us to reflect back so we can move forward. 

Over the course of the last 18 years, I have had the distinct privilege of conducting hundreds of family interviews as applying parents, including many of you, weave their way through the application process of WC so they and their child could be part of a community built around Christian education. An education where learning to love God with your mind walks hand in hand with learning in harmony with God’s Word – a Christian philosophy of education. 

A Christian philosophy of education is crucial for any school operating under the banner of Christ and WC is no exception because it answers an essential question – Why am I sending my kid to a Christian school? 

On the surface level there can be many replies to that question, but at a more core level, have you recently invested time thinking about why you’ve chosen Christian schooling for your child? As the 2021-22 school gains momentum now would be an opportunity to invest that time. 

You see, I am truly thrilled that your family is part of WC and that your child will be exposed to an education that is based on Christian philosophy that trains and urges students to think rightly about God, our world, and their place in it. As students learn in harmony with God’s Word through math, language, science, or the arts, they grow in knowledge about God–who is the source of all things.  

If it has been a while since you read and thought through WC’s philosophy of education, let me urge you to do just that – read it here. It is why the school operates. It is why we are here. 

As we reflect back on why we’ve chosen Christian education, it can move us forward in developing a mind that thinks rightly about God, His world, and all that He has created and that is a learning endeavor that should never stop for WC students or for us as we grow together in Christ.  

Together is better. 

Hey, when we see each other, be sure to slap me a high five and enjoy that our school is up and running! 

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