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For the LOVE

Head of School Troy McIntosh addresses what some have asked and perhaps many are wondering: Is now really the time to be fundraising?

Tomorrow is The Big Give, the 25-hour fundraising event hosted by the Columbus Foundation to help local non-profits. Yet, this is likely one of the last things on many of our minds. The brokenness of our world and our nation is almost palpable as we continue to reel from the devastating effects of COVID-19 and grapple with the deep-seated racial injustice that is currently boiling over into civic unrest. Some have asked—and perhaps many more are wondering—is now really the time to be fundraising?

Worthington Christian School has participated in The Big Give several times in recent years. Those who have given during previous years have enjoyed knowing that their gifts were bolstered through the Bonus Pool. (This year’s Bonus Pool is $1.5 million.) When The Big Give date was announced several months ago, we knew we would want our school community to participate once again. Then as COVID-19 threw nearly everything into uncertainty, we were surprised to find out that the Columbus Foundation decided to keep their previously selected Big Give 2020 date on June 10 and 11. We questioned whether or not WC should participate but felt this is an important moment to follow through specifically for the LOVE of Our Teachers and Staff.

While all of us have had to navigate mostly uncharted waters in the last few months, this is especially true of our faculty and staff. They quickly and diligently shifted from in-classroom teaching to online teaching in a matter of weeks, all the while preparing for a historic transition to an Upper and Lower School this August. Parents have now had the opportunity to see first-hand just how much time and effort and thought our teachers pour into their curriculum and students.

If you have had a chance to recently view any of the parent and student videos on WC’s website and social media platforms, you will hear one particular statement over and over again:

WC teachers invest deeply in developing their students not just academically, but spiritually and emotionally as well. They are all striving to help the next generation of Warriors become the people God created them to be—people that will “act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him” (Micah 6:8).

As I mentioned in my latest Head of School message, we desire that our students become “people who can thoughtfully apply theological and biblical ideas to our world’s problems.” This mission is fulfilled directly through our teachers and staff.

In response to the times in which we are living and in which our faculty and staff are continuously giving of themselves, 100 percent of all of this year’s Big Give donations will be directed toward WC’s teachers and staff in the form of a special, one-time bonus. We want to bless those who are such a blessing to our families and community. We want to invest in those who are so deeply invested in seeing our students succeed.

Please consider joining us in this endeavor. All the information needed to participate in The Big Give can be found below, or you may contact the Office of Advancement by calling 614-410-4231 or by sending an email

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