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School-wide prayer initiative seeks participants for the 2021-22 school year

[Editor’s Note: The following was written by Rachelle Anthony, current WC parent and co-leader of the Warrior Prayer Initiative.]

Faithfulness in prayer is not natural for us–at least it never has been for me. Many times we get to see the answers to our prayers in tangible ways in the lives of our kids. We see hard hearts softened, bad habits broken, or a desire for God when there wasn’t one before. But when we pray, pray, and pray and nothing changes to our human eye, weariness and doubt can dilute our desire to pray.

The many conflicts of last year have left many of us weary. Jesus knows our weariness. He actually told us what to do with it when He said, “Come to me all who are weary, and I will give you rest.” (Mt. 11:28) It seems that weariness creeping up bigger than faith is part of the ebb and flow of following Jesus. This doesn’t shock God. In fact, He tells us what to do with our weariness. It is in our feelings of spiritual apathy that we can limp to God. When we don’t want to pray, we can tell God that we don’t feel like praying and ask Him to give us the desire for it. When we have no desire to read the Bible, we can tell God we want to run from Him and ask Him to turn us His way. God knows our weariness. That’s why He asks us for it.

So, if you are like me, and you are a bit weary as we kick off this school year, be reminded of this: WC isn’t filled with prayer warriors–super-spiritual people who pray 24/7 with ease. WC is filled with warriors–who try to pray. We pick one date of every month to be our date to pray for our kids and WC. One day a month we pray from wherever we are. If enough of us do this we can meet the goal of Warrior Prayer which is to have multiple people (up to six) praying every single day of the school year for our kids, teachers, and administration. We try to come to God in unity even though we aren’t physically together, so we use the Battle Plan as a prayer resource on our date to pray.

The Battle Plan is a booklet that we put together four years ago. Before writing it, we asked God, “What is your heart for our school? What do you want to do in us and through us?” Then we looked to God to answer us through His Word. We spent the summer intentionally reading the Bible and seeking God’s heart for His people revealed consistently in both the Old and New Testaments. The points of prayer in the Battle Plan are those we discerned as God’s passions for us personally, our children, and community:

1. Turn our hearts to God

2. Turn us from sin and idols

3. Turn us from our flesh and lead us by the Holy Spirit

4. Empower us

5. Unify us

This 2021-2022 school year is our fourth year of praying those exact same five points. Maybe you wonder, is it working? Can we measure the before and after of prayer? It’s normal to want proof of the power of prayer! And while only God truly knows that answer, I will say that we have stories. Personal ones and proclaiming ones. God has accomplished things only possible through His power and love. I also wonder what God has protected us from during the four years we have been praying for protection? What evil plans did the enemy have for our children and school that were thwarted by your prayers? Maybe one day, we’ll find out. But for now, we walk in obedience. Keep praying WC. Bring your faith and your weariness to Jesus. Sign up for your date of the month to pray and let God work in you and through you to bring His will to our WC community.

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