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After 26 years in education—18 of those at WC—Patricia Boyd is set to retire at the end of this school year. During her tenure at WC, Boyd has taught a range of disciplines and age groups, including science, math, and Bible primarily in grades six and seven. In light of her retirement, she reflects on her time at WC and what the LORD has done in her life through her role in this school community.

How has your teaching career at WC impacted you? “WC offers an environment that has challenged me to grow both in my pedagogy and in my spiritual life. I am so thankful to have taught in a Christian environment in which I can freely pray and have others pray for me, impart my faith, and share standards of ethics and common views with my colleagues.”

How have you changed over the course of your career? “One surprising element of my teaching career is the fact that I have taught middle school. I came into teaching with an interest in only teaching high school-aged students. When a middle school teaching position opened up at WC I took it. Through this experience, God has changed and refined me. He gave me a passion for 6th grade and teaching kids at this age. So much so that when an opportunity to teach at the high school level arose, I decided to stay in my middle school role. Students this age are funny and bright. I love being an important voice and influence in their lives at this age.”

What are you going to miss about WC? “I am going to miss having daily interactions with my students and colleagues. I love helping my students be successful and watching their confidence grow over the course of a year—I’m going to miss that.”

What is something you hope to leave as a lasting legacy? “It’s always been Jesus. I have never been satisfied with my students just knowing about Jesus, I want my students to truly know Him. I have endeavored to plant seeds of pursuing Him, so that my students have a solid foundation of Biblical truth that will not leave them. I aim to keep pointing students to Jesus through the truth of the scriptures and the testimonies of transformed lives, including my own. Then I trust the Holy Spirit to do the rest.”

What do you plan to do in retirement? “I am not exactly sure what next year will look like, but I am looking for open doors and opportunities. Through various experiences, God has given me a heart for missions and He has continued to stoke that desire over time. I dream of starting a Christian school orphanage or similar project in Africa.”

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