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Red Team Ministry Day 1 by Grace Leneghan

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Hola! Today the red team visited a local village and had the opportunity to go to a church and a school. Our first stop was at the school where we did our program which consists of songs, skits, crafts, games, and some fun activities in between. Our skits were David and Goliath and Daniel and the Lions Den. The kids enjoyed David and Goliath because they liked when Josh and Cedric fell on the ground. 🙂 In the afternoon we went to the church where kids just came to us when they found out we were there. The church was smaller than a normal classroom and had no electricity, but everyone was just happy to be there. We did our program at the church as well and afterwards we played in the “yard” with over 50 kids. It was a very encouraging first day and much different than what we are used to, but so much better. So many eyes were opened and lessons learned. The kids made it 1000 times better. They were so excited to see us, so energetic, and so full of joy! I can’t imagine it getting better, but we are excited to see what God has in store for our next ministry day!

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