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Red Team Ministry Day 2 by Maddy Ball and Krista Canfield

Home » Archives » Senior Capstone 2023 » Red Team Ministry Day 2 by Maddy Ball and Krista Canfield

Today was supposed to be our day at The Emmanuel House, which is a special needs school; however, today turned out to be a teacher workday, so no students were there. Instead, we visited a small church nearby. We went inside, turned up the music, and the party began! The kids came and we sang, did some skits, danced a lot, and made some crafts. Later we played frisbee, dodgeball, and basketball with them. When it was time to go, we headed on over to a village and visited local families. We prayed, sang, and shared our testimonies with them. This experience turned out to be a special time because we not only got to share our stories and struggles with the people here, but we also opened up to our classmates and shared things with them that we normally wouldn’t have. All and all, today was a solid 11/10, highly recommend.

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