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Red Team Ministry Day 3 by Emma Stoll

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Fatigued, sleep-deprived, and so full of joy, the Red Team headed into the heart of the Dominican for our third and final day of ministry. Worthington Christian sponsors several students from a small private school, Ensanche Altagracia, located on an incredibly busy street, “The hood” as referred to by Mr. Roads. After fearing for our lives crossing the street, we entered into a small yard that was placed in front of a small, house-like structure. There were several children around ages 4-8 already playing and enjoying themselves. Their excitement only escalated when their eyes met with ours because they knew they were going to have fun with americanos get out of learning today. After playing Waka Waka and the Macarena several times, our team mustered up energy with the songs we had prepared and danced and sang with the children. The kids were excited and enjoyed the skits, especially when Goliath (Cedric on Josh C.’s shoulders) came crashing down. By lunchtime, half of our team was passed out on the floor, and the other half was comparing people’s personalities to animals, colors, seasons, and flowers. The time had come for the older kids to come to school, and they brought enough energy to match, even surpass, the younger kids. We encouraged each other to smile, laugh, dance, and just have as much fun with these older students. It was hard in the blazing heat and humidity to jump around, dance, and carry kids on our shoulders. However, after seeing the smiles on their faces, and the gratitude from all the teachers, our minds and hearts were redirected to the face of Jesus. He said to let all the little children come to him, and what a better way than to bring joy, laughter, and a message from the one who created him. The Red Team hit bumps in the road, both literally and figuratively, but we stretched ourselves while growing closer to each other. God provided us with the opportunity to rely on Him for the strength we needed to minister to those wonderful students. Our weeks of preparation were worth every moment.

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