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Karin Browning has served WC for more than 22 years as an Intervention Specialist, substitute teacher, and room mom.

What is your role at WC, and how long have you worked here?
I am an Intervention Specialist working with grades 1-6 with a concentration in math. I have served at WC in the intervention setting for 22 years. Before that, I was a substitute teacher and room mom for several years, as all three of my children attended WC K-12.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role?
The most rewarding aspect of my job is when it becomes evident that a child not only comprehends a concept or strategy in math but can apply it independently to real-life word problems. It’s the most rewarding feeling as an educator.

What is something interesting your students may not know about you?
I’m an open book with my students.
They know that I am a first-generation American, born to German parents and that I used to be an art teacher. They know that I have three grown children and six grandbabies.
They know that I love my students as if they were my own, and I care deeply about their academic success. They may not know that I love my church family dearly and enjoy having friends over for dinners and game nights. I love to laugh and have fun with friends.

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