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Lisa Cunningham has been serving WC for over 15 years. She is the Lead Nurse in a team of three nurses who cover our two campuses. We are grateful for the compassion and dedication she displays on a daily basis.

What is your role at WC?
My role is to provide intervention and management for health care needs of students at the Upper School campus and to provide administrative support to the nurses at the Lower School as needed. I make sure that the health office and health-related policies reflect current school nursing guidelines as applicable to our unique school community. I make sure that our school is compliant with government entities regarding health-related school requirements. I provide support and feedback and care to our staff as needed.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role?
Helping people feel better, physically or emotionally, is very rewarding. Building relationships with kids that allow them to feel comfortable and happy when they are with me is super rewarding. I think the most rewarding moments are when I help a parent solve a problem that they have not been able to solve or access a resource they were not able to access.

What is your favorite verse, and why?
Romans 10: 9-13
This is probably a favorite for many people. It appeals to both the heart and the intellect. If I deal with an overly sensitive spirit, this passage is very comforting. It takes the work off of me and places it on Jesus, which is reassuring. If I find myself in a period where I am thinking through some doubts, it reminds me to consider the many pieces of evidence for the resurrection of Jesus and that I have very good reason to believe what I believe.

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