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Sunday Funday by Dawn McMahon

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I apologize for the delay in the Sunday Funday update. We had the most unbelievably incredible day and didn’t have the chance to blog last night. Our day started with worship in Santo Domingo at a very large International church. We worshipped side by side in two different languages and were blessed with in-ear translators so we could hear the full message. After the service, our students had the opportunity to interact with some of the youth group from the church. Most of their students spoke enough English to carry on really meaningful conversations. So many of our crew expressed the sentiment that this must be what Heaven feels like, with people of every tongue and nation worshipping together.

During the afternoon, our ministry teams competed in the Sunday Funday games. Red v Blue v Green. The teams had a series of tasks to complete (similar to a house competition) and the first to finish was the winner. They started with face paint and took off from there. Congrats to the Green team for finishing first!

Each evening, we have our own chapel service in the upper room. For Sunday, our evening chapel plan was initially to hear from a SCORE missionary, but some of the chaperones felt the Spirit was moving in another direction, and the missionary graciously agreed to opt out so we could follow that leading. We decided on a worship and prayer night instead. Almost three hours later, there was barely a dry eye in the place, and we literally had to kick your students out of the upper room to meet our SCORE curfew. Parents, you would not believe the stories if we told you, but let me say this – We asked God to show up, to wreck us, and HE SURE DID. Your kids spent almost 3 hours worshipping and praying over each other. Most of us in the room agreed that we have never experienced the presence of the Lord the way we did last night. It was truly palpable. The students kept referring to it as “whatever that was that just happened” because it was truly indescribable. Relationships were mended, hearts were broken, hearts were healed again, and decisions were made to fully surrender to His will for us. It was a moment we will never forget. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for trusting us with your kids and allowing us to enter into the presence of God alongside them.

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