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Adam Heath graduated from Worthington Christian School in 1999 and returned to teach at WC in 2004. He has taught a variety of classes in Christian Studies and Social Studies.

How would you describe your teaching style? “I would describe my teaching style as narrative. I would aspire to be conversational as well, but seek to use a natural story-telling approach to present the information in a coherent logical progression that is accessible to the students.”

What is the most challenging aspect of your work? “I think that for me the challenge is that I am naturally a bit more introverted and shy. Teaching requires transparency and relationship, so it can take a lot out of me. When I arrive at home, I often feel like I have already used up all of my words for the day.”

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work? “All things made new. Each Year. Every Season. All things made new.”

How do you incorporate faith and learning? “I think that transparency is the number one access point between curricular content and faith. In the midst of the normal rhythms of life and the challenges that can arise, it is a privilege to work alongside Worthington Christian students as we are animated by our Faith, seeking understanding. I hope that in the patterns we establish in the classroom, there is an earnest and honest engagement with big questions, profound answers, and faithful living as we wrap our lives around the One thing that can handle being our one thing.”

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