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Christie Burns has been teaching science at Worthington Christian since 2011. She currently teaches Honors Chemistry, Advanced Placement Chemistry, and Physics. She also serves as the Dean of the House of Vita and golf coach for girls in grades 7-8.

How would you describe your teaching style? “I strive to provide students the opportunity to discover connections in the laboratory setting. I believe that concepts and truths that are uncovered by students themselves will result in a more thorough understanding. The students and I together create an environment where opportunities to explore and question and discover and learn from mistakes are possible. Learning to communicate clearly and practicing healthy teamwork are also part of my classroom.”

What is the most challenging aspect of your work? “Chemistry and Physics are difficult subjects. The content is challenging so I am forever working to uncover new ways to build scaffolds for students to step into the complexity without being overwhelmed yet not oversimplifying. This is what keeps me trying new ideas and implementing new strategies.”

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work? “Witnessing students discovering connections and effectively communicating those discoveries to others is so rewarding to me. To see students grow confident to tackle complex and difficult ideas, to foster reverence and awe for our Creator in the intricacies of his world, to hear of students who have used the skills developed in my class to study a diversity of subject areas–all so rewarding.” 

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