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After 12 years as an accountant and financial analyst, Doug Tanner began considering a career change. He didn’t dislike his work in finance but was in search of something more meaningful. He decided to obtain a Master’s degree in education and began his second career as a teacher at WC 17 years ago. He currently teaches fifth grade Bible and Math classes at the Lower School.

How would you describe your teaching style? “In math, I ascribe to a Socratic style of asking students questions and challenging them to think and come to their own answers. In Bible, I ask a lot of reflective type questions so as to help students think deeply about Truth and about themselves.”

What is the most challenging aspect of your role? “I love the interaction I get to have with my students, and I enjoy my preparation time as I prepare for lessons. I find it most challenging to make time for everything else like administrative duties.”

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role? “I work with a great group of teachers who challenge me and help me see things from different perspectives. And there is nothing better than a great day of engagement with my students. Long term, what is most rewarding is seeing former students as they continue to grow and develop as people.”

How do you incorporate faith and learning? “I often tell my students that, when we study math or Bible or whatever the subject, we are simply discovering what God’s already designed. Patterns and numbers–we are not inventing any of it–just recognizing God’s design. I also try to share stories from my personal faith journey to encourage students on their own.”

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