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Krista Wood has been an Upper School science teacher at Worthington Christian School since 2016. She currently teaches Biology classes and leads the school’s very active Environmental Biology Club.

How would you describe your teaching style? “I would describe my teaching style as trying to reach all types of learners; I use a range of teaching techniques to try to reach all of my students.”

What is the most challenging aspect of your work? “I think the most difficult thing I face as a teacher is combating the shift in our culture away from teaching problem-solving and critical thinking. So much of education has become test-based and memorization. Yet, our teachers value the process and want our students to possess these skills. Science is based on problem solving, the Scientific Method. My hope is that I can teach my students to ‘observe’ and then ‘wonder’ about what they notice.”

How do you incorporate faith and learning in your classroom? “I feel privileged to teach a class that is centered on learning about God’s creation. So much of this class emphasizes the detailed intricacy of His perfect design. Students quickly see how it all fits together so perfectly and it is so cool to watch them learn just how detailed life processes are.”

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