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Tim Miner is in his first year of teaching at WC. He currently serves as the Upper and Lower School Instrumental Music teacher.

How would you describe your teaching style? “I like to set clear and defined goals for both myself and my classes. Within these goals are the standards that I believe all musicians should strive for. This goes beyond just being capable of reading music and playing on a chosen instrument. Being a good musician is also being a leader and being able to work with others and compromise. It’s being able to persevere, work hard, and have a good time. It is finding out all those things that God has put into you and how to give them back to honor Him.”

What is the most challenging aspect of your work? “One of the more challenging aspects of teaching band is making sure I reach everyone in the classroom. Some students naturally gravitate to the world of band, others just enjoy the camaraderie it allows and a few, sometimes, are there because they were told to be there. Whatever level they are at, I want them to have the opportunity to tap into a creative musical outlet. If a student can start to feel like they are the ones truly contributing and creating something, they tend to enjoy band and succeed more. That is not an easy task. It’s the main reason WC offers Jazz Band, Pep Band, small ensembles and solo opportunities and at times the chance for one-on-one private lessons. I want to reach the students at the levels they will find their musical joy.”

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work? “One that is certainly at the top of my list happens when we perform. Joy comes in hearing the final product of all our hard work. To see that joy reflected on the faces of students and audience members is a blessing. I absolutely love it when students are beaming with pride and accomplishment after they finish a performance. It truly is a feeling like none other.”

How do you incorporate faith and learning? “Music is a gift from God. The main purpose of music is ultimately to honor God and to display praise for His handiwork. Music also brings us pleasure and enjoyment. When you combine the two concepts, purpose, and enjoyment, we have a subject that demonstrates and points to a loving God. A God that wants us to sing, to play instruments, to enjoy the arts because in doing so we will honor Him. Approaching class from that perspective makes it hard to not want to do your best, because that is what God deserves.”

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