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The Redd Family

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Home court advantage

The Redds found a place where their children feel at home.

When people ask them why they send their children to Worthington Christian School, Achea and Michael Redd have a simple, but direct answer:

“Because there is nowhere else better,” said Achea, whose children Michael Jr. (WC ‘25) and Ardyn (WC ‘29) attend WC. “We’ve tried some of the most prominent schools in town and still come back because it’s home and home is where your heart is. While they don’t have some of the other advantages other schools may have, Worthington Christian, is able to do more with less.”

According to Achea, author of the book Be Free, Be You and the creator of the website Real Girls F.A.R.T., and Michael, a former guard with the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns, Worthington Christian offers something other schools lack: a culture of caring.

“It’s vastly different,” Michael said. “It’s a community difference more than anything. When you come to WC, it’s a culture.”

That culture breaks down into three parts: the parents and children who attend there, the teachers and administration, and the fellowship of the extracurricular activities.

Being a part of a Christ-centered community, Redd’s children, Michael and Ardyn, identify with their classmates.

The Redds

“These are families we’ve known for years so watching everyone grow up together is so fun,” Achea said. “Our kids feel like they belong there; they feel at home.”

However, Worthington Christian offers more than a strong group of like-minded students. Its teachers find ways to relate to the students as well as challenge them.

Achea said she likes the academic rigor of the school.

“My third grader’s math curriculum is insane,” she said with a laugh. “I’ve had to Google more times than I can count and still don’t get the answer right. But the teacher will ask my daughter the same question in different ways just to make sure she is learning the concept, which is great. Critical thinking is huge and will carry both of the kids very far.”

While the academics are demanding, those teaching the concepts are caring and compassionate.

“Our kids really love the teachers and staff,” Achea said. “I think it’s how nurturing and loving the staff is. It amazes me how great the intervention team is.

“Well, from my vantage point, each of the faculty are invested in the total development of the children. They are an extension of us at school and they work really hard to build those relationships. It’s obvious they really care.

“The Word they’re receiving on a daily basis and the values are so closely aligned with what we’re teaching at home.”

The care the students received inside the classroom extends into the school’s extracurricular activities. Michael guided the Ohio State men’s basketball team to the NCAA Final Four in 2000 and finished fourth on the Milwaukee Bucks’ all-time scoring list with 11,554 points. So it’s not surprising his son, Michael Jr. has a love for basketball.

Michael said his son found a gifted mentor in James Storey, who coaches the school’s seventh grade basketball team.

“(Storey) is amazing and has a great relationship with our son even still after the season,” he said. “Coach Storey happens to also be his math teacher as well and he has never done so well in math as he is right now. Coach Storey has his respect, but also has the relatability factor.” 

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