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New campaign seeks to grow community through funding three specific projects

We were created by God for life-giving community and authentic relationships. Knowing others and being known by others are the substance of human flourishing, innate to how God created us. This truth is part of the fabric of Worthington Christian School. School leaders have long held a deep conviction that when families and students feel loved, accepted, and part of a community, relationships blossom and learning soars. At WC, this type of rich, genuine community is formed in the small, day-to-day interactions that take place in the classroom, on the stage or field, or just spending time together in work and play.

In an effort to grow that sense of community and deepen connections, WC is kicking off a six-month fundraising campaign dubbed The Warrior Initiative. This initiative includes three specific projects aimed at building community through serving each other, space for conversation, and space for play.

Upper School Courtyard

One of the most unique aspects of the recently completed J. Thomas Anglea Upper School campus is the courtyard, located in the center of the campus. This open-air space is surrounded on all four sides by the windows and doorways of the first level hallways and classrooms. Despite only having temporary tables and chairs, students have already made great use of the courtyard this school year.

The Warrior Initiative seeks to raise $90,000 for this particular project, which will provide needed furnishings for the courtyard, versatile seating and classroom areas, raised planting zones, and outdoor heaters. Upper School principal Dr. Buzz Inboden explains, “The students love this space. Being able to provide more permanent furnishings will make it all the better.” This particular project will benefit over half of WC’s entire student body–over 500 students–and have a lasting impact as students and teachers in grades 7-12 talk about the big things in life, the little things in life, and everything in between.

Financial Assistance

A private education comes at a substantial cost compared to public school options. For most families, choosing to invest in a Christian education begins with an inner conviction. WC’s Director of Finance Randy Steckel shares, “Our robust financial aid program makes a WC education accessible for the vast majority of families who desire a Christian education for their children.” This school year alone, 87 families (168 students) are benefitting from financial assistance through the longstanding Adopt-A-Student fund, the new COVID-19 Family Tuition Relief Fund, and the General Financial Aid fund. The Warrior Initiative seeks to continue WC’s incredible financial aid program by raising $125,000 in the first six months of 2021.

Lower School Playgrounds

This year, WC’s students in grades K-6 are enjoying completely renovated and updated learning spaces. The Warrior Initiative seeks to further improve upon that experience by raising funds for outdoor play equipment. Play is essential to whole-child education, creating opportunities for learning to interact with others, burning energy so as to increase classroom focus, and, for the youngest students, developing gross motor skills. In the words of Lower School Principal (Grades K-2) Jim Parrish, “It is in the holiness of play where students learn to interact with friends as well as others, too. Learning to see both are made in God’s image. The playground is where community is constructed.”

The Warrior Initiative aims to raise $80,000 for this particular project. At the K-2 building, these funds will be used to build a playground with swings on a soft outdoor surface, as well as funnel ball. At the 3-6 building, these funds will be used for an asphalt pad, basketball goals, gaga ball pit, and tetherball.

Each member of the WC community is invited to participate in these fun, meaningful, and impactful projects. Whether it’s contributing to furnishing a highly-utilized outdoor space for older students or making it possible for a family to provide their children with Christian education through giving financial aid or supplying younger students with much-needed outdoor play equipment, these projects will bless hundreds of lives. They all work in unique ways to build community one family, one student at a time. True to its name and purpose, The Warrior Initiative will take the involvement of many to reach the goals set forth for these three important projects, by the WC community, for the WC community.

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