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WC Parents and Staff Share Stories from First Year of Warrior Prayer

What would it look like for an entire school district to be covered in prayer on a daily basis by a group of people unified for the purpose of intercession? How would that impact the teachers and classroom activities?  How would God touch the lives of the students? How would God move in the hearts of those committed to pray?

These are questions that began to stir in the hearts of a small group of Worthington Christian School moms in 2017. Burdened to see God’s love reign in our school prayerfully, this small group of parents wrote a “Battle Plan” prayer guide and invited members of the WC community to cover the middle and high school campuses in unified prayer. Over 200 WC family members, teachers, and school staff committed to praying on specific days of each month that year. In 2018, Warrior Prayer expanded to include the elementary school, making it a district-wide initiative.

Prayer is not something new to the Worthington Christian School community. Long before WC first opened its doors in the fall of 1973, there were people praying for a dynamic, academically excellent, committed-to-the-Scriptures, Christian school here in central Ohio. But in the words of former WCHS principal Dr. Buzz Inboden, “Warrior Prayer is unique. There has never been a shortage of people willing to pray for WCHS, but never before have so many united in prayer for so long, so consistently, and so simply.” Here are a few brief stories of how God has moved through Warrior Prayer since it began…

“We moved our daughters to WC for the 2018-2019 school year. At the WCHS new parent orientation, Rachelle Anthony stood up and talked about Warrior Prayer. It seemed like the perfect way to get involved. It has provided me an opportunity to feel deeply connected with the Pax House while having very little contact with the students apart from my daughter and her friends and teammates.

I really appreciate the prayer guide as it gives me clear direction for my prayers. [Warrior Prayer] gave me an immediate sense of contribution and belonging.”

Aaron Skidmore, WC parent

“I really enjoyed being a part of the Warrior Prayer this year and am so thankful for Rachelle and the other women for starting this.  I would say the way I saw (heard about) how God moved the most was on the Senior Trip in the Dominican Republic…God really moved through that class and knit their hearts together so they could see each other the way He saw them.  It was so awesome and encouraging to hear the friendships that grew within that class.  When they returned home [from the DR], they would have open impromptu worship nights together.

The prayer guide is a great guide to help focus prayers. Also, I think it helped me remember to pray for the students and staff even when it wasn’t my assigned day.”

Cara Tomallo, WC parent

“Parents are such a support structure for us and when we all join in the kingdom work, we see the power and movement of God in our community.

The faithfulness of the saints as they prayed over the different topics nearly every day of the month was a powerful reminder of the power we have as prayer warriors. Prayers were answered, families protected and healed, and WC stood out as a stronger light in our community.

The support this gives our staff is an incredible gift and empowers us to do the work God has called us to do with confidence.”

Nancy Secrest, WC School Counselor

“I pray for each school almost daily as I drop my kids off; how heart-warming it was for me to see all of the efforts to organize Warrior Prayer and bring parents together…there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by having our children, schools, faculty, and families prayed for each day.”

Robin Cole, WC parent

“Our family has been learning how utterly dependent we are on God for EVERYTHING in our lives. Taking part in Warrior Prayer was one facet of His work in our lives to remind us that as we seek Him in each decision, each day, each moment . . . He is faithful to meet us, sustain us, and direct us as He works His will in our lives.

On a personal level, this past year we had a senior deciding upon the next steps after high school.  With that decision ahead of him, that feeling of dependence only deepened for all of us.  As we sought God, He was so faithful to give clear direction to our son and confirmation to us as well through each step of the process.

I would encourage every member of the WC community to sign-up for Warrior Prayer and pray with expectation and confidence knowing that God is working and will continue to work!  The battle plan is a helpful guide to use as you begin your prayer time.  It gives direction, topics, and Scripture to guide you as you pray.”

Molly King, WC Parent

“Last year WCHS went through some very deep waters, and we weathered the storm by the grace of God.  I believe Warrior Prayer was crucial in digging the channels through which God’s grace was able to flow.”

Dr. Buzz Inboden, former WCHS Principal

“My experience with Warrior Prayer was a little different. I began to notice last year that on my assigned day each month, it seemed that something unexpected would come up that demanded my attention. I was reminded through this that there really is a battle being waged and it confirmed the need to be involved in intentional prayer.”

Susan Moore, WC parent

“I used to think prayer was a sit down designated time with a beginning and end. Kind of like, ‘Now I’m praying…but now I’m not.’ God has been teaching me lately that prayer doesn’t have to be bookended with life. He longs for us to pray without ceasing in an ongoing conversation as we go through our day. Certainly, there are times for still and quiet prayer in our life. But as I move through my days, I find myself to be absolutely inadequate for much of what life throws my way. Through my inadequacy, God is teaching me to seek Him, and live in desperate dependence on His power.

My desire is that the Holy Spirit, through Warrior Prayer, would encourage parents in the same way He is encouraging me. I pray we, as the WC community, seek His power for living and pray continually. I pray we depend on His strength to guide our children, not ours. With great hope, I pray God does more than we can ask or imagine in our community as we humbly submit to Him through prayer.”

Rachelle Anthony, WC parent and co-founder of Warrior Prayer

It is not too late to get involved with Warrior Prayer for this school year! If you feel God nudging you to join in this unified effort to cover WC in prayer, follow the links below to find out more and sign up:

Warrior Prayer Initiative for Upper School
Warrior Prayer Initiative for Lower School

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