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New Opportunity for WC Parents Seeks to Promote Genuine Community

One of the core values of Worthington Christian School is “promoting a genuine community within our students and their families.” As believers that share faith in Jesus, WC has a unique and beautiful opportunity for that very thing: genuine community.

While there are well-established networks at WC, the reality is that our community is ever-changing. Between Kindergarten enrollment and transferring students, over one hundred new students join WC each year. Those incoming students represent over 50 families that are totally new to WC, over 50 families to be brought into the genuine community.

Starting at any new school comes with challenges for students and parents alike. Knowing whom to call with questions on things like uniforms or school schedules, finding a place to sit or a group to meet with at a school event, and having a go-to person for school-related conversations are among those challenges.

In light of these challenges and in an effort to promote genuine community here at WC, there is a new opportunity for families to connect with each other and build relationships, spear-headed by current WC parent Jill Schuler.

Jill Schuler and her family came to WC in 2017. At that time, her four children were in grades four, six, nine, and eleven. Having been in a different school system for many years, Schuler was familiar with many families at her children’s former schools, knew the system well, knew who to go to with questions, and enjoyed a broad social network. With this experience in mind, Schuler thought relationship-building would come easily in the new school environment. She found the transition as a new parent at WC more difficult than she expected.

She quickly realized that the familiarity of their previous educational community was gone; she no longer had a “go-to” person, no singular point of contact. She found it hard to make avenues to establish relationships with other parents. And like many other parents, the “newness” of being in a different, unfamiliar school system did not wear off within the first week or even the first year of being at WC. Each year, each new grade level brought more unfamiliar faces and new questions. Through time and intentionality, Schuler has had a child in nearly every grade level at WC and, as a parent, has efforted to become a part of WC’s genuine community.

Through her own experience, Schuler has been inspired to create a way for parents in the school transition process to connect with her and with each other. She and a group of families that have transferred to WC within the last five years have started “WC Connect,” an outreach to families navigating the transition to our school community. Of the group, Schuler explains, “We want to walk alongside parents and kids…we want to extend a hand and heart.” Whether it’s answering a question about school, watching a Warrior sporting event or attending a WC concert or play, WC Connect aims to build community, together.

For more information on “WC Connect,” call or text Jill Schuler at 614-288-1127.

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