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2023 winter musical illustrates WC’s fifty-year history

Worthington Christian School parent Lisa Bauman had no idea that a high school play would change the course of her family’s life 15 years ago.  

In the late 2000s, Bauman prayed earnestly about what school to send her oldest child Lily to attend. With so many schooling options, she recalls feeling anguished at the magnitude of the decision. She discussed the options at length with her husband, talked with friends also navigating the choices, and met with principals at multiple schools. During that time, she was invited by a student to attend a local high school theatre production. She was impressed by the quality of the production, but the show’s content left her very discouraged. There were many thematic elements that were inappropriate and unsavory.  The same weekend she attended that show, she also brought her family to WC’s first production of “A Year with Frog and Toad.”

She vividly remembers watching her five-year-old Lily stand in her chair, singing and dancing along to the family-friendly show. It was at that moment that the mom of four had a revelation. She explains, “I was going about it [the schooling decision] all wrong. Kindergarten is just the first step. I needed to look ten years out. My child might be the freshman who joins the cast of the show. What do I want that to look like? What sort of plays, director, and cast members do I want her to be involved with? I had to picture Lily in high school, not kindergarten.” It was this revelation that compelled Bauman to enroll Lily at WC.  

Fast-forward several years, and Lily did become the girl on the stage that her mom envisioned, deeply involved in WC’s theatre program. She enjoyed several on-stage roles, including the man-eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors and Perch Perkins in SpongeBob: The Musical. Lily also honed construction and costume-making skills as an integral member of the backstage crew. Beyond her graduation from WC in 2022, she continues to stay close with the special friendships she developed through WC’s theatre program. Her three younger siblings still attend WC and are involved in various co-curricular opportunities, including theatre. Watching WC’s production of A Year with Frog and Toad truly impacted the course of the entire family. 

This heartfelt show, based on the children’s book series by the same name, is set to hit the WC stage again soon. February 23-25, theatre director David O’Roark will lead a talented group of young actors and stage crew members in four shows. It was last year’s spring musical for which WC earned three regional awards through the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts’ Marquee Awards program. WC is participating in the program again this year, and A Year with Frog and Toad is the production that will be adjudicated by CAPA judges. Veteran WC theatre member and senior Faith Kline is headlining as Toad. Junior Rachel Hooley is playing the part of Frog.

The storyline of the play focuses on the steadfast friendship between the two main characters, Frog and Toad. Together they navigate friendship amidst the many seasons of life. Despite significant personality differences, they remain loyal to each other and model what it looks like to care for one another with selfless love. One of the central themes of the play is summed up by a character called man-bird near the end of the story. Man-bird says, “You know, through the years some things change and that’s a good thing. And some things don’t change and that’s good too.” 

This show and its theme are perfectly fitting as the featured musical this year, the year of the school’s 50th Anniversary. Since WC opened its doors in 1973, the school community has experienced many different seasons. In some ways, the school has changed tremendously. And that’s a good thing. The number of faculty and staff, enrollment, and facilities have all grown exponentially over the last five decades. Technology, course offerings, and curriculum have adapted to meet students’ needs and prepare learners for the modern world.  

In other ways, the school has not changed. A strong partnership with the local church, a deep commitment to God’s Word and ways, and a desire to partner with families in the holistic development of their children have existed since WC’s inception and remain realities today. The very things that drew the Bauman family to WC 15 years ago still ring true today. Jesus started this work, and He has been faithful to continue it for 50 years now.  

Both the things that have changed and the things that remain the same contribute to the school having an even brighter 50 years ahead. And that’s a good thing. 

Make sure to purchase tickets to one of the four shows taking place on February 23-25!

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