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Grades 9-12

More than just college prep.
This is life prep.

Grades count. Transcripts matter. And 100 percent of our students are accepted into college. These are markers of the college prep experience. But a student’s time at WC isn’t defined by these short-lived, brag-worthy data points. A Christian education must be more. We believe it is rooted in that initial question every parent asks: who do I want my child to become? – and realizing throughout this journey that you have the answer.


This is what learning looks like at Worthington Christian.

While our challenging classroom curriculum boasts Honors and AP classes, as well as College Credit Plus opportunities, it is the way we spend these formative four years helping young men and women come full circle that adds up. Knowing God’s love and what it means to belong; equipping them with a love for learning; and becoming critical thinkers, so they are prepared for the tests of life and the opportunities that follow – regardless of where they are called to go in life.


Take center stage, a studio space, or both.

It’s never too late to sing a new tune or play a new role. But for those already mastering the art of musical, vocal, or dramatic performance, the stage is set. Our visual artists also get their own studio space, experience in curating gallery exhibitions, and see firsthand how art, by way of service projects, affects lives in our community.


What it means to wear the Warrior red and gold.

Our athletics program is known for competing for championships. It’s also known for taking the highs and lows of sports and making each moment a teachable one. How do we become more Christ-like in the way we approach each other, play the games, and accept the outcomes? That, more than anything, is what it means to compete as a Warrior.


An intimate school of infinite possibilities.

The opportunities per student at WC are vast, and we ensure there are connections and community to be made for every student around common interests. There’s also life-enriching opportunities for students, including the Internship Academy, WC Houses, and the senior capstone trip to the Dominican Republic, all of which are sure to leave an impression long after their time at WC.

Quick Facts:

100% Believe

All of our faculty and staff are followers of Jesus Christ and love building relationships with students.

350 Students

The average number of students enrolled in grades 9-12 making us large enough to offer extensive opportunities per student and small enough to know each student by name.

2021 School Year

We moved from three to two campuses this year. Grades 7-12 form the Upper School and moved into new and expanded facilities.

3025 Alumni

In 1977, ten young men and women earned the distinction of being WC’s first alumni. Since then, 3,025 men and women have received their WC diplomas and are working around the world in ministry, missions, the military, and the marketplace.

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