College prep and more.

Deciding where to educate your child is no small task. The options are seemingly endless, and sometimes it’s challenging to keep the differences straight. Size, location, curriculum, cost, extracurricular offerings – these are all significant considerations. With so many choices out there, why has WC become distinguished as Central Ohio’s leader in K–12 Christian education?

At WC we offer a robust college preparatory academic program that values the partnership with the family and church in developing the mind of Christ in students through rigorous intellectual, creative, and physical pursuits. We pursue excellence in teaching and learning out of love for God and the world He has made. Our students will develop a curiosity about creation, cultivate a love for truth, beauty, and great ideas, and exhibit wisdom that reveals God’s kingdom. WC doesn’t just produce graduates; we train leaders who demonstrate ongoing development in spiritual formation, academics, social and community involvement, and personal growth.

Academic Dean Tom Burns summarizes our unique approach to education: “Beyond our outcomes is the mind of Christ in our educational philosophy. We believe that every lesson in every discipline is an opportunity to know our Lord and Savior more deeply and to come to love Him more fully. Our teachers embody this belief and prompt reflection in our students to develop an affection for God and His truth.”

We view education as a partnership, and we invite you to join us as we offer your child a distinctly Christian education. Our goal is to share your joy as you witness your child reach his God-given potential by using his gifts and answering God’s call. We believe you have a crucial role to play in helping your child navigate our rigorous K–12 academic program, which ranges from enrichment and intervention programs in elementary school to Advanced Placement classes and internship opportunities at the high school level. We’re confident that our challenging curriculum will prepare your child for success wherever God leads.

Our educational model is designed to challenge students and to integrate faith and learning across all academic disciplines. WC adheres to foundational principles of instruction and curriculum that flow from a biblical worldview, recognizing that a student’s academic growth is a vital component of his Christian discipleship. Our faculty is the core of our educational program with each WC teacher understanding that relationships are essential to the learning process. A WC education is always delivered in an atmosphere where teachers love their students. Our teachers are well prepared to instruct, but they are driven to do it by a love of God that translates into love for students and their learning.

Can you picture your child being educated in an environment that promotes the integration of faith and learning? Do you desire to partner with educators in training your child from a biblical worldview? Are you intent on challenging your child to discover and cultivate his God-given gifts and passions? If so, this may be the place for you. This Is WC.