We are the Warriors.

The stands are full. The crowd is loud. The team is passionate. “Let’s go, Warriors” reverberates through the student section. But there’s something about this scene that stands out from other sporting events. What’s the difference?

This Is WC.

WC has a longstanding history of athletic excellence, but what separates us from our competitors is our commitment to using athletics to point our students to Christ. Excellence on the fields and courts supplements our overall philosophy and mission as we encourage student-athletes to use their gifts to glorify God. Our belief in educational athletics means our coaches capitalize on teaching opportunities and value more than just numbers on the scoreboard.

Athletic Director Kevin Weakley says that relationships are the foundation of life at WC. Relationships between coaches and players are instrumental in “teaching young people how to use their gifts and abilities to glorify God.” Weakley adds that WC’s athletic program is distinct because “Christ is integrated into everything we do.”

The WC difference has shaped the school’s reputation as we strive to play fair, be good sports, do our best, express our faith as we compete, and take a different approach to winning and losing. In fact, a local newspaper reporter commented, “WC has a good reputation. You never hear anything about recruiting or altercations during or after games. They do things the right way.”

By participating in athletics, our students have an opportunity to apply what they are learning at home, church, and school in a real-life setting. WC student-athletes are challenged to see the connection between our high spiritual, academic, and athletic standards as they are taught to conduct themselves in a way that often distinguishes them from their opponents. Weakley says this is because “at WC, we hope that athletics will be used in our students’ lives to train them to walk in a manner consistent with the Bible.”

The Warriors have been competing as a member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) since 1979. Our well-rounded sports program gives students the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of athletic teams. As members of the Ohio Division of the Mid-State League, the Warriors have won five state championships and numerous district and regional titles, and many student-athletes have won individual state titles.

Over 70 percent of WC students in grades seven to 12 participate in the athletic program. Most middle school sports offer a seventh and eighth-grade team, and most high school sports offer varsity and junior varsity teams, with an occasional freshmen team.

If you value athletics as a discipleship opportunity and want to be part of cheering the Warriors to victory, we’ve got a spot in the bleachers just for you. We’ll join you in encouraging your child to represent Christ well – whether that’s on the field or in the stands.

Red and gold will look great on you. We can’t wait to see you at the game.

State Championships

  • Boys Basketball:  1999
  • Boys Soccer:  2006, 2009, 2011
  • Boys Golf:  2017

The Warriors have won numerous district and regional titles, and many student-athletes have won individual state titles.