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These high school sweethearts first met in the third grade.

We continue our series on high school sweethearts. Let’s catch up with Austin and Bethany (Homoelle) Morgan (WC ’11.)

How many years have you been married? Six years! We were married in May of 2014. 

When did you first meet? Technically, we first met in third grade Sunday school at Grace Polaris Church but really became friends in middle school at WC. 

When was your first date? Our first date was in October of our senior year. We went to Eagles pizza

What do you know about God now that you didn’t know before you were married? Marriage is very revealing.  Being married has a way of exposing sinful nature that you didn’t even know existed. While your spouse certainly spots your pride, they’re also the perfect display of God’s most incredible gifts – grace, forgiveness, unconditional love and so much more. All in all, before we got married we were told how marriage is the perfect representation of the Gospel, but seeing that represented daily is just so cool. 

What advice would you give those hoping to marry one day? Getting married young, the most common question we were asked was “how’s married life?” Our most natural and favorite response was “marriage is awesome, we highly recommend it.” We like to share with those considering marriage that you can always come up with reasons to be more prepared. Marriage is often found taking a back seat to worldly success as an individual. However, what is often overlooked is how early marriage provides an opportunity to rely on God’s faithfulness and sovereignty together in a way that can only be done when money is tight, careers are starting, and important life decisions are being made. Almost seven years later and we still recommend it! 

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