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Couple has experienced God’s provision during challenging times.

We caught up with Jacob and Paige (Hejduk) Hayes (WC ’12) as we continue our high school sweethearts series.

How many years have you been married? We have been married for five years; it’ll be six in June!

When did you first meet? We met in seventh grade. I’m not sure what class it was, but we were both in the class of 2012. 

When was your first date? Technically, our first date was our senior gala. We continued to talk after the gala and started dating that summer. We’re coming up on nine years together!

What do you know about God now that you didn’t know before you were married? As people who grew up in the church, we knew that God always provides. But, as the years go by we have been able to witness miraculous ways that God had always gone before us and provided abundantly. Whether it’s been providing jobs so that we could get married (while still in college), somehow finding a way to make ends meet when we didn’t know how, or finding a place to live that fit our needs, God has always provided in one way or another. This has been a truth we’ve been able to rest in when life didn’t seem to make sense. 

What advice would you give those hoping to marry one day? The biggest advice that we can give to someone considering marriage is to make sure that you’re choosing a person who will not only walk through life with you but will challenge you and hold your hand through all of it. Find yourself someone who will have a baby with you in 2020 and will live through a quarantine/pandemic all while navigating being new parents. If you can get through all of this and not get sick of that person, you’ve found a pretty darn good match. 

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