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Josh (WC ’11) and April (LaMonte WC ’12) Petrel stress the important role a supportive community plays in a thriving marriage.

How many years have you been married?

April has been putting up with me for six years now. Wow! Nice!

When did you first meet? 

We honestly do not remember. Our families went to church together when we were young…so probably there.

When was your first date? 

Summer of 2011…the most secluded/romantic place…the Cheesecake Factory at the Polaris mall!

What do you know about God now that you didn’t know before you were married? 

Not sure if this totally answers the question…but we are so often reminded of how faithful God has been to our family. Even during the hardest times, we can look at one another and remind each other that God’s faithfulness toward us isn’t determined by our current circumstances but instead by what He did for us on the cross. That gives us so much joy and hope for what is here now and for the future.    

What advice would give those hoping to marry one day?

Get in community. Specifically, a community that will support your relationship with Jesus and your marriage. I think we have found that with two sinful people, marriage is hard enough on its own. Then you add kids, work, etc., into the mix, and it becomes more challenging. We believe having a church community that can walk through life with you is essential.

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