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After 22 years of marriage and five children, the Kraynaks reflect on the graciousness of God.

Tim and Alicia (May) Kraynak (WC ’94) have learned a lot about the depth and healing power of God’s love.

How many years have you been married? 22 years

When did you first meet? We met in the second grade and became each others crush in the fifth grade.

When was your first date? Freshmen Homecoming was our first “date.”

What do you know about God now that you didn’t know before you were married? Marriage has taught us so much more about the depths and healing power of God’s love. Our sinful natures have proven that the mercy, grace, and forgiveness we have needed for each other over all the years is truly only found in God and by the power of His Spirit at work in us. Our marriage is a testament to the promise that nothing is beyond the gracious and redemptive hand of God. We’ve learned that God really does imagine more for us and dream bigger for us. Our five amazing kids are a beautiful reminder of that! God continues to show us that there are always ways for us to grow in Him and in our marriage. His faithfulness has shown us He can be trusted with our next 22 years and beyond! 

What advice would you give those hoping to marry one day? When struggles come as they do, and pain invades your happily ever after….hold onto the hope that comes in knowing that the God who holds the universe holds your hearts too.  And when you fail each other, as we do, look to God’s perfect and unending love for you to be the source of the strength, mercy, and love you will need to endure. The love of Jesus far surpasses our human capability, and by His grace, it is ours to receive and to give.  Let His love be the source of yours.

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