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WC Junior Organizes Free Community Baseball Clinic

Worthington Christian Junior David Murawski is combining two of his passions in order to give back to the community, and Business teacher Nick Johnson’s Entrepreneurship course is providing him with the skills to do so. The course curriculum requires that each student develop a business idea, and guides students through the process of bringing such an idea to fruition. As Murawski began to develop his own business idea, his ideas all centered around his favorite sport, baseball. But the more he brainstormed baseball-related business ideas, he kept coming back to another passion of his: helping people. Combining these two passions, Murawski landed on a unique idea–a free, one-day community baseball clinic.

With Johnson’s approval, Murawski began to move forward with plans for this clinic. Although not a “business” idea in the sense that the clinic will make money, he still has been following through on many of the same development steps required in the field. He had to pitch the idea to those in leadership and plan out all of the necessary details, from t-shirt designs and orders, to securing volunteers and fellow “coaches,” to creating a plan for how to promote and invite young people to the clinic. By offering the clinic free, with no cost required, he hopes that it will provide an opportunity for young people in the community that might not otherwise have a chance to play or learn about baseball or participate in a summer sports experience. He also wants to use any donations given to support the mission and vision of Stowe Mission of Central Ohio.

“Baseball Gives Back” One-Day Community Baseball Clinic Information

Date | Monday, June 13

Time | 9am -12pm (incoming grades 6-8) and 1pm – 4pm (incoming grades 1-5)

Location | Worthington Christian’s Mike Penn Baseball Field

Cost | Free (donations encouraged; all proceeds will be donated to Stowe Mission of Central Ohio)

Registration | Space is limited; All participants must register by May 13

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