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Fun, encouraging, knowledgeable, leader, mentor, and tough. These are all words Upper School students use to describe Dan Roads. Whether he is encouraging students in the classroom, hyping them up during house competition, or challenging his soccer players to go beyond their comfort level on the field, Dan’s heart for students and their walk with Christ is main motivation.

How would you describe your role at WC?
“My role at WC is to lead in such a way that players, families, and opponents will recognize Christ in every action that the team partakes in. “

How did you get into coaching?
“I knew from my experiences in high school that I wanted to be a coach. There were mentors, friends, peers, and teammates that helped me learn to accept the calling and inspiration to coach high school athletes. “

What is the most rewarding thing for you about coaching?
“Each year that I coach is another opportunity to grow, challenge and ultimately be a part of God’s redemption and kingdom on a scale bigger than just myself. To watch the boys play soccer from the sidelines is fun, but to experience their steps towards Christ as a team and individuals is enthralling”

How do you incorporate faith into your coaching?
“Everything we are focused on. We have a team creed, in which the goal of every game is to honor Christ so that others will take notice and in us notice Christ. To take that creed seriously means there are going to be sacrifices involved. We discuss what it means to really sacrifice as an act of worship. If you aren’t sacrificing something you aren’t playing real soccer. ”

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