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Friday – Ministry Day 1

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Blue team went to En Sanche Alta Gracia to serve at the school. After a long and traffic filled bus ride, the team was able to help serve school children before they left for the day. Many kids had the opportunity to see some sweet babies, holding the sleepy ones and chasing the active ones. After lunch, we were able to run through the practiced program with skits and songs, learning to adapt to the environment and figuring out how to make changes going forward. Most importantly, we were able to share the gospel and share in the joy of spending time with the kids. Our theme this week is “trust in God”, and we want to share the hope of Jesus in every encounter(Josh Heredia-Aguirre)

Green team went to Emanuel House and spent time with the kids there today! Our day started off with a slight adjustment- we forgot one of our ministry bags with our skits props. Ironically, Verde went into this week being one of the most prepared and unified groups, but God reminded us today that all we really need is Him. We adjusted calmly, and made the best of it. It actually ended up being an amazing experience and we all grew closer because of it. We got to love on all of the kids there, and there was so much joy. We went through our programs with songs, skits, games, and crafts, but the most special moments were simply getting to connect with the kids. One of the teachers there, Miquela, shared her powerful testimony, and inspired all of us with her servant leadership and steadfast faith. I’m truly thankful for everyone that God has put in Verde, and I’m so excited to continue serving with them this week (Maddie Bradshaw).

The Red team headed to a local church to serve the children and families of a small village. We also had the medical team go with us to provide aid and care for the community. After arriving, we started our ministry day with our prepared program as we sang and made crafts with the kids. Following the program, we were able to play with the kids as their moms waited to be seen by our medical team. Our translator, Carlos, also gave a tour of the village, and we were able to share the gospel to the locals. Many students courageously shared their testimonies and prayed prayers of blessings over the people. It was so encouraging to see my classmates take a huge step of faith out of love for the locals! Overall, it was such a blessing to see the joy of the children as we served and also actively carry out God’s mission! Please keep praying that we would continue to experience the Spirit in unimaginable ways and be used as his vessels! (Hannah Ji)

The Day 1 Medical Team headed to a local church to serve the people that came out of the small village that surrounded it. From receiving basic care to giving them free medical attention and over-the-counter medications, the Medical team helped out 55+ people today solve issues and get the adequate care and diagnoses that they needed. From seeing completely swollen tonsils to simpler things such as colds, God was seen helping all of those people through the medical team’s passion to make sure everyone who came got assistance, no matter their problem. With the help of translators and students who have taken Spanish, the process was efficient and everyone lent a helping hand. Dr. Hollister was our main physician that helped and aided the Dominicans in that community, and prescribed and treated to the best of his ability, even providing simple things such as vitamins and toothbrushes. Ibuprofen, Tylenol, amoxicillin, and other medication was given out as needed for more serious cases, but God worked through each diagnoses that everyone was adequately supplied with what God has blessed us with. Overall, it was such a blessing to serve and contribute to the community, allowing us to see God work through needs such as medical ones. (Deyona Johnston)

The senior students are doing great! The chaperones have been encouraged to watch every one of them step into new spaces, engage with the locals and put aside exhaustion, heat fatigue, and fear of the unknown to fully embrace the experience and share the love of Jesus with others. Last night(Thur), Mr. Roads bravely addressed us all(after a super long day) and left us with a challenge to “wake up” and look for ways for “nets to go deeper” this week. Tonight, after a sweet time of reflection in small groups, Mr. Burns encouraged kids to “taste and see God’s goodness”, because once we do, everything else will come up empty. I wish you could have all heard the most beautiful chorus of voices praising God during worship; if this is simply a foretaste of heaven, there are unimaginable things in store. I think I can speak for us all when I say that we are falling into our beds tonight blissfully exhausted. Tomorrow will bring an adventure to Catalina Island as an entire group, so we are looking forward to more opportunities to bond, foster memories and experience new things in community. (Mrs. Palmer)

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