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Home » Archives » 50th Anniversary » HONORING OUR PAST: BUILDING AND REBUILDING

As Worthington Christian School continued to grow and expand into the 1980s, enrollment numbers for preschool through 12th grade outgrew the existing learning spaces of the original school building. The school’s leadership at the time sought creative solutions for accommodating the ever-growing student body, and God was faithful to meet the needs.

In 1982, it was decided that the original building (at 6670 Worthington-Galena Road) would house grades nine through 12. This change remained as such through the 2019-20 school year.

With the original school building under exclusive use by the high school student body, grades 1-5 and 6-8 needed spaces of their own. To house grades 6-8 during this time, Sharon School, located on Foster Avenue, was leased from Columbus City Schools from 1982-1990. The PreK and Kindergarten students were relocated to classroom space available at the church.  

As for grades 1-5, the school purchased the Homedale Elementary School building located on Westview Avenue from Columbus City Schools. Every aspect of this purchase was made possible by God through His people. Several school families signed loan documents to acquire the building itself. When the purchase was complete, a portion of the building was unusable and needed significant renovations to be school-ready. Again, many WC families jumped in to bring the building back to life, completing the construction required to make the space safe for teachers and students. This renovation was called the Nehemiah Project. The ‘Westview Campus’ was home to grades 1-5 until 2020. 

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