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Within Worthington Christian School’s archives, there is a copy of the school’s first-ever brochure, which highlighted various elements of the brand-new school that was set to open in the fall of 1973. This brochure shared the school’s philosophy, a word from Grace Brethren Church Senior Pastor Jim Custer, introduced the school’s first Superintendent Lou Koloze and highlighted the original enrollment costs. It also featured sketches of the original school building and its floor plan.  

Certain components of this fifty-year-old brochure are certainly attention-grabbing, both in what is different (compared to the current day) and what is largely unchanged. One obvious difference is the enrollment cost: $695 for a family with one child. Another clear difference then was that enrollment was only open for students aged preschool through sixth grade (the higher grades were added in subsequent years). And of course, the school’s leadership and facilities have changed and expanded according to its growth and needs. 

But what is particularly striking–as evidenced in this brochure–is WC’s unwavering commitment to Truth, educational excellence, and helping students discover their identity and calling in Christ.  

It asserts, “All truth resides in God. Therefore, the student’s subjects and all his actions are sacred entrustments from the Creator to the student, which afford him an expression of obedience to his God. Worthington Christian Schools shall provide an environment that encourages each student to discover his unique abilities, to develop those graces and skills demonstrated in the life of Christ, to achieve educational excellence in all disciplines, and to exercise his God-given gifts in the expanding opportunities of his Christian development.”

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