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Worthington Christian School experienced another wave of technological advancement in the late 1990s. Made possible through generous giving, the school was able to purchase dozens of Pentium computers and many Hewlett-Packard printers. This facilitated the introduction of “electronic mail” (email) use at the high school. The following content and image were featured in a 1999 edition of The Light, a former publication of the school.

“‘Technology applied to the kingdom is a great thing. The printing press changed how the Body of Christ handled the Word of God. The computer is now doing the same thing.’ Buzz Inboden, Worthington Christian High School (WCHS) Counselor Coordinator, expressed his thankfulness to the many supporters who graciously helped to ease teachers’ work in preparing for classes, handling appointments, and enabling staff to publish good, quality materials.

God used many different resources to help make dreams of advanced technology and updated equipment a reality at Grace Brethren Christian Schools/Worthington Christian High School (GBCS/WCHS). Romans 12:11 gives believers a clear vision as to how we are called to be godly servants in our community: ‘Not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.’ The GBCS/WCHS staff is committed to doing just that.

The entire staff has attended and still is attending, comprehensive computer training classes. Many hours were spent in training over the spring and summer, equipping the staff with the necessary tools to be most productive in and outside the classroom. At the beginning of the school year, Taylor Smith, Jr., Administrator, challenged the teachers to raise the bar, and they continue to do so. Through a program referred to as CBT (computer-based training), the staff has the opportunity for higher-end computer training, providing constant advantage as changes are made in technology. This opportunity will also be made available to programming students at WCHS and in the future to the business students.”

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