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If you get the chance to speak with anyone who was around in Worthington Christian School’s earliest days in the early 1970s, you will likely hear them speak of Jim Custer. In reality, no account of the school’s history would be complete without him in it. Long before there was any school building, any school-oriented committee, or any official plans for a school, there was a passion and a vision for Christian education held firm by Jim Custer.

Custer came to the Columbus area to serve as the Senior Pastor of Grace Brethren Church in 1968. In this role, he saw the church experience significant growth, with many people coming to the LORD. He felt a stirring in his heart for the church to have a seven-day-per-week ministry, to carry “what was happening on Sunday into Monday.” Having a young and growing family with his wife Triceine, they also felt a strong impression to raise and train up their children in a way with God’s Word and ways as the foundation of everything. These desires grew into the idea of developing a Christian dayschool in the Worthington area. Pastor Custer knew, though, that this would not be something he could accomplish on his own. How would God provide the resources for such a dream? Who would he call to help bring it to fruition? Stay tuned each week as we share the story of WC’s rich history in celebration of the school’s 50th anniversary.

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