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Our day on the red team was very unexpected in a great way! We went to Emmanuel House, which is a private school that’s inclusive for children with disabilities. It was a holiday celebrating water and the land and the courtyard was filled with over a 100 kids! It was great! We got to watch as each class presented a project they’d been working on. Then, we got to hangout with them in waves based on when their recess was! We got to hangout with kids of all ages! We did face paint, played games, and just overall got to know the kids! I met an awesome kid named Manuel who loved drawing things on my arms! We got to go to a few classes and share our testimonies, and some were even lucky enough to visit the ASL room where deaf kids could talk and learn. My favorite part was visiting the kindergarteners because they were nuts!! They loved to just be with us and kept wanting to get picked up! We then went to a public school and played our songs for a couple classes and did the Jonah skit (where I got to sub in as God)! Tomorrow we are going to Ensanche! We ask for your prayers! (Callan Gilbert)

The blue team had a very busy and hot day today serving at a village! We traveled with the med team about 30 minutes away from SCORE and began our day at a school called Inocencia. There were around 40 or 50 kids there and we did our program for them. They absolutely loved the songs and their laughter made my day. We stayed for about an hour after we finished our program and played games with the kids. They braided our hair, taught us handshakes, and shared so much love and joy with us. After this it was time for lunch, and then we ended up playing and talking with the villagers for the rest of the day. Our chaperones took two groups out to walk through the streets and pray for/share our testimonies with the people there. Even though our day didn’t go exactly as planned, we still had such a fun time serving and loving on people. Despite the language barrier and unforeseen plan changes, blue team had a very successful and joyful day! (Rachel Hooley)

Today green team went to our Vision Trust partner school in Ensanche! What better way than to start off your day with a 2 hour bus ride? The bus ride for our team today was super bonding because we all got to sit with people we wouldn’t typically sit with. Walking into Ensanche was super interesting since it was in the city! At first I couldn’t even tell it was a school because the gates just blended in with the rest of the buildings. You can’t convince me that it wasn’t 100 degrees outside. We were all dripping by the end of the day. But I’m beyond proud of our team for pushing through to minister to the kids even with sweat everywhere. I personally got to make a new friend today named Sami. At first she was hesitant to talk but it was great when she was finally able to. I’m definitely not fluent in Spanish but getting to have the small conversations we did was so so exciting! We colored and danced together up until the moment I left. You could tell how hard we all worked from the bus ride back as we all slept. I loved today and there’s not a single thing I would change!! Coming from one of the green team leaders, today was a success 🙂 (Alexandra Dolly)

Today, the medical team followed the Blue Team to Inocencia. We set up our clinic inside of their local church. Throughout the day, we saw about 50 patients consisting of ages one month to eighty-five years. We treated patients with persisting wounds, body aches, and a range of sicknesses. Within the team, Ryan and Maddy primarily took patient’s blood pressure and other vital signs. Sam, Annie, and Hannah worked triage. Finally, Ben and Kendall helped run our pharmacy. Together, we had the opportunity to treat physical needs, but took every chance possible to pray and testify to the community. As always, we are thankful for our doctors and nurses that lead us. The experience would not have been possible without them. Families, friends, and others at home, please continue to pray for our class and our final ministry day tomorrow (Wednesday, 3/19/2024). Pray that we continue to enjoy each other’s company as we chase after God’s goodness together. We will see you all again soon! (Sam Blank)

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