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Worthington Christian grad enjoys putting the magic into wedding days

Although her tax form states she is the co-owner of Attele Bridal Boutique in Upper Arlington, Samantha Dorgan (WC ‘12) says what she does for a living is something completely different.

“I am a professional fairy godmother,” she said with a laugh.

While she doesn’t employ door mice to convert thread into dresses or turn pumpkins into carriages, Dorgan makes sure her client’s wedding days are in fact magical. The Worthington resident said her business is based on customer service.

“I am passionate about hospitality,” said Dorgan, who runs the shop with Catherine Carskadon. “I want to make people feel loved, special, and safe. While I love selling wedding dresses – truly it’s a job – it’s my honor to help make each bride feel her most special.”

One of the facets of the job which Dorgan enjoys the most is that it is always changing.

“Every day is different. No bride, no wedding is ever the same,” Dorgan said. “As an industry, we are constantly working to create the most personalized experience possible for both the couple and the wedding guests, which makes my job endlessly creative and fulfilling. There is never a dull moment.”

After graduating from Worthington Christian, Dorgan earned degrees in business administration, marketing, and political journalism from Heidelberg University.

Dorgan believes Worthington Christian set her on the right path not only in business but in life.

“Worthington Christian helped to give me my greatest blessings: my dearest friends, my adoration for Christ, my foundation of business knowledge, and a support system that I know I will always have, and always treasure,” she said. “Mrs. Wheat, if you are reading this, you had a huge role in the opening of our shop. The school’s business classes prepared me for my college business classes and ultimately for successfully writing, rewriting, and rewriting again our shop business plan.”

That being said, Dorgan has learned there are obstacles in running a business no school can prepare a person for.

“No matter how well thought out your business plan is, opening a small business always has its challenges,” she said. “Business school and textbooks can only prepare you so much. The execution of marketing principles, consumer trend forecasting, and all of the other pieces that make up owning a small business surprised me. It isn’t easy—even now, 4.5 years in—but it is so worth it.”

One of the greatest joys has been helping her friends and Worthington Christian alumni prepare for their special day.

“WC alumni are a very special group to be a part of,” Dorgan said. “Several of my high school classmates and girlfriends have become my brides. I have been able to pray over and encourage them as they transition seasons of life.”

Dorgan said the gift of hospitality is sometimes overlooked, but it was something that was ingrained in her since she was a child.

“From an early age, my heart has always been to serve,” said Dorgan. “Hospitality is an important part of the church and the home, but sometimes it gets overlooked in professional settings. “Every industry, not just the hospitality industry, has the opportunity to make someone feel loved, safe, and special. I just happen to get to do that surrounded by fabulous gowns and sparkling tiaras.”

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