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Saturday – Catalina Island

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Today we traveled to Catalina Island. We piled into two boats and crossed beautiful blue water before we reached the island. Before we arrived we stopped to snorkel and some swam to jump off cliffs into the water. Once we reached the island we ate a bbq Caribbean lunch and were offered drinks such as pineapple juice and island beverages. Some students laid out by the water while others battled in spike ball in the sand. After spending a few hours together we got back onto the boats and traveled back. The blue waters, cool breeze, and time spent together was a beautiful way to experience God’s creation. We were in awe of His beauty and felt His presence in each other’s company. We wrapped up the day with Mr. Walton challenging us to stare at Jesus when we are sinking and to say yes to Him wherever we are in our life because ultimately we will sink if our identity is not found in Him(Natalie Woodfin).

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