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Senior says Worthington Christian has allowed him to highlight different sides of his personality.

Two of the things Alex Wrobbel enjoys about Worthington Christian School seem opposed to each other. On the one hand, Wrobbel enjoys that teachers and students accept him for who he is. On the other, he likes the chance the school offers him to be someone else.

As a member of the school’s Theatre Department, Wrobbel has tackled diverse roles, from playing the French narrator in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical to Juror No. 8 in Twelve Angry Men.

“When I first started in theatre, it gave me a chance to be someone else for an hour or two,” Wrobbel said. “But I think it’s more just the community aspect I enjoy most now.

“When you are in a show, everyone is here essentially the whole weekend. We’re here all of Thursday night and Friday night. We’ll go out and get ice cream. We put on two shows and go to someone’s house for a cast party on Saturday. It’s like we’re with each other the entire weekend.”

Acting provides part of the extracurricular activities for Wrobbel, who also plays in the outfield for the Warriors baseball team.

Baseball came naturally to Wrobbel.

“I’ve played baseball my whole life,” he said. “But acting was different. I did one show my freshman year but took a long time off before trying it again.

“But since then, the theatre has been a big kick starter in my character development and faith. I like to foster these mentor relationships and take younger actors under my wing. It has been my favorite part; it allows me to minister to them while I feel like I am becoming a better person.”

Extracurricular activities have significantly influenced Wrobbel’s life since he came to Worthington Christian in seventh grade. Playing soccer in seventh grade gave him a group of friends before he started school, and ever since then, he has been able to weave different friend groups into one big community.

“That’s what I love about Worthington Christian,” he said. “I am surrounded by peers and teachers who are invested in me.

“The teachers here not only care about your well-being in the classroom but also about you and your spiritual growth. They ask how your day is going and then take conversations deeper about what’s going on in your life. On our senior trip to the Dominican Republic, I had deeper conversations with my teachers than with any adult previously.”

Wrobbel hopes the mix of his creative and academic sides will help him far after high school. He is considering majoring in mechanical engineering in college.

Wrobbel’s interest in putting things together stems back to when he was in elementary school.

“When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Legos and building things,” he said with a laugh. “Taking my meticulous side and mixing it in with my creative side and my desire to help people gives me a chance to use all my God-given talents.”

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