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Follow WC Without a Social Media Account

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You don’t have to create personal social media accounts to view announcements, pictures, and videos, both live and pre-recorded,  posted to WC’s social media accounts. By downloading the WC app to your smartphone or tablet, you’ll not only have 24-7 access to the latest school information but also you can see what’s being posted on the school’s social media accounts. Here’s how.

  1. Open the WC app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Click the Menu (the three bars to the left of the WC logo).
  3. Find and click on Social Media.
  4. Select the WC social media account you wish to view.
  5. Scroll and click on the post(s) of interest to you.

Please note that without a personal account you will have view-only access meaning you cannot interact with the post such as comment, like, etc.

There’s another option for those without the WC app. Type the following web addresses in the search bar of your preferred search engine (e.g. Google, Firefox), or you may click on the link.

Social media is just one of the modalities used to keep the WC community informed. The WC app and website, as well as The WC Weekly, sent via email, are additional ways we’re working hard to keep you in-the-know.

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