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Dawn McMahon has taught in the science department at WC since 2008, currently teaching (Honors) Anatomy and Physiology and Chemistry. She also serves as the chair of the science department, dean of the House of Pax, and is a member of the senior trip planning committee.

How would you describe your teaching style? 
“I want to deliver my classroom content to students in ways that are fun, interesting, relevant, and hands-on. My students rarely sit in their seats for an entire class period because I have them moving around while learning. I place emphasis on my students discovering and tapping into their individual learning styles. A better understanding of how their brain works uniquely, students can put power into their learning. I am also a highly relational person. I genuinely love my students and want to be available to them to help them grow.”

What is most challenging about your role?
“I know that my students are navigating so much in their lives nowadays. All of the pressures they face and what’s happening in our world is much different than in the past. I know that chemistry might not be the most important thing to them when they’re sitting in my classroom. I want to give my students tools to help them navigate it all. They may not need to remember the periodic table in their future, but they will need to be able to think critically, problem-solve, approach an issue from different standpoints, analyze a situation, and make observations. I want to train them for life.”

How do you incorporate faith and learning?
“I want my students to experience awe and wonder when they study the disciplines I teach. The intricacies and complexities of God’s design ought to naturally produce awe and wonder. His handiwork speaks for itself. It’s my hope that I don’t have to tell my students this, but that they experience it for themselves through thorough study and investigation.”

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