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Kelly Burby graduated from WC in 1985. Four years later, after obtaining a degree in elementary education from Bryan College, she was hired as a new Kindergarten teacher at WC. After teaching three years of Kindergarten and four years of first grade, she began teaching second grade where she has taught ever since. She also serves as the Math Department chair.

How would you describe your teaching style? “I like class interaction. I like to challenge my students to think deeply and ask questions beyond the surface of what we’re learning. I also like to tell stories. I love math, but I know that many children develop a negative mindset about math from an early age. In my class, I tell my students we’re traveling to ‘Mathland,’ where they are super geniuses that stick with problems until they find a solution.”

What is different about teaching now than it was when you started your career? “Teaching and learning are much more active now. This generation doesn’t sit; they’re used to movement. So, I incorporate a lot of activity into our lessons and students learn through doing. I also want students to practice being still as it says in Psalm 46:10.”

What is the most rewarding aspect of teaching for you?
“Hearing students reference something we talked about a week ago, applying new knowledge or connecting the dots between the LORD and what they’re learning brings me great joy.”

How do you incorporate faith and learning? “I teach my students to think deeply about what they’re learning–to explore the ‘why’–not just surface-level understanding. We talk about having relationship with the LORD, and I am constantly modeling how what we’re learning relates to Him. As they hear this truth from me and make connections, they must also see me live the things I teach them. The more they see me live out faith, the more it makes sense to them.”

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