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Robin Hooper has taught second grade at WC since 1993.

What is it like having 24 years of experience in the same grade level?
“I have taught close to 500 second graders over the last two and a half decades. That experience provides me with a tremendous background to understand what is typical of children this age and how to meet each student’s needs.”

How would you describe your teaching style?
“My goal each year is to really understand each individual child, learn what makes them tick, and spur them on to better learning. I want to help my students discover ways they can learn, not only this year but in years to come.”

What trends have you seen change over the course of your teaching career?
“I have seen parenting styles change over my years of teaching. Kids nowadays are a lot more involved in activities outside of school than they used to be. I have also seen a shift in education in which academics are more individualized, where we’re trying to meet a child where they are and develop lessons to help them grow, rather than approaching every student being in the same place at the same time developmentally.”

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
“That lightbulb moment when you see something click in a child’s mind.”

How do you incorporate faith and learning?
“I don’t know how to teach without faith–it’s in everything that we do. In my class, we are constantly going back to Scripture and we do a lot with essential questions, asking why God designed things, why it is important to Him, how we can use this knowledge to benefit others. What we learn in English, math, science, social studies…how did God intend it to be and how do we redeem this back to God’s original design?”

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