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What does the phrase “Your Kingdom come” mean in Jesus’ model prayer? Whose Kingdom? What’s it like? Where is it?

The word “Your” refers to our Heavenly Father. It is God’s Kingdom. If you want to know about a kingdom, you look to its leader. Exodus 34:6 tells us what God is like: compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love. His Kingdom reflects His nature.

When we pray “Your kingdom come,” we know that Jesus came to announce and inaugurate His Kingdom, but it is not yet culminated or fully arrived. So we pray that it continues to come and come in its fullness. But we must ask ourselves, “Can I confidently say that I want the Kingdom of God to come more than my own?”

These are thoughts shared by Trent Jones, Pastoral Apprentice at Linworth Baptist Church, in Upper School chapel.

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