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Leaving their mark.

Crum family impressed with personal relationships Worthington Christian teachers have with their students

As their three children, Cruz (WC ’27), Caleb and Katrianna (WC ’30) have progressed through Worthington Christian School, Andrew and Abby Crum can see the thumbprints that each teacher has left on their children’s lives.

“Abby and I often reflect how each teacher has measurably helped grow each one of our children to become better versions of themselves by the end of each school year,” said Andrew, who is the vice president of real estate for LBrands. “We’re convinced it is their relational approach to teaching that makes a world of difference.

“Relationships make the world go around.  We have been so grateful to see how far each teacher has gone to build a personal relationship with each one of our children.”

Andrew said he first learned about Worthington Christian after reading about their basketball program when he was growing up in Columbus. However, it wasn’t just the school’s tradition in sports that attracted the Crum family’s interest in the school. The school’s leadership, faith-based curriculum, and the overall size of the school led Andrew and Abby to enroll their children.

With small class sizes, WC offers its teachers the opportunity to sincerely understand their students while challenging them academically and spiritually.

“As parents, Abby and I are most impressed with the leadership we have observed at multiple levels within the school system,” Andrew said. “Our children are most impressed and grateful for the faith-based environment where students are free to speak about our LORD and all of the fun that has been integrated into each of their learning experiences.

“Academics at WC are appropriately challenging.  The lesson plans and academic objectives are well organized and effectively taught across all of the teachers we have worked with.”

As the Crum children advance into the Upper School, they will have a lot of extracurricular activities to choose from. The school offers 11 sports for grades 7 and 8, and 13 varsity and junior varsity sports at students in grades 9-12. The Warriors have captured five OHSAA state championships including three in boys soccer (2006, 2009 and 2011), one in boys basketball (1998-99), and one in boys golf (2017). Additionally, the school offers a rich tapestry in the arts with outstanding fine arts, instrumental, singing, and acting programs.

Andrew believes the groundwork for the school’s excellence is laid in the Lower School.

“Our children have really benefitted from the athletic and educational opportunities at WC,” Andrew said.  “We have found each program to be a well-rounded experience that combines teaching faith, sportsmanship, and healthy competition.”

Combine all of those ingredients together and it’s easy to understand why the Crums are satisfied with their WC

“When people ask us why we send our kids to Worthington Christian, Abby and I say that we view character and leadership development in a faith-based environment as the highest priority in our children’s schooling experience,” Andrew said. “We believe that nobody in Central Ohio does it better than Worthington Christian.”

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