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You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

God has created each child with an ability to learn to love Him and to understand the world He has made. He has also created each child in a unique way, with different aptitudes, modes of thinking, and learning styles. We believe that these unique differences are important to understand and that serving these exceptional learners is an important component of our school’s work. This includes students who need additional support from an intervention specialist due to a specific learning disability or other academic needs or academically gifted students who benefit from specialized instruction that provides academic challenges outside the regular classroom.



We want to provide the most engaging education possible for every student. While the WC student body excels as a whole, we offer additional opportunities to challenge students identified as academically gifted. 

In grades 3-6, enrichment students work in small groups on projects related to their area of gifted identification (Math, English, or Science) that stretch classroom learning.

In grades 7-8, identified students elect into enrichment in their study hall time to tackle long-term challenges, working together to apply their skills, creating solutions, and deepening their understanding of the curricular content. 

In grades 9-12 we offer diverse course tracks that allow students to take honors-level courses as well as Advanced Placement courses in all disciplines.   


Embracing unique learning styles.

We join you in recognizing your child’s uniqueness by taking a personalized approach to education. Rather than offering a cut-and-dried curriculum, we seek to educate our students with an awareness of their different strengths, struggles, and learning styles. Our intervention program exists to help students with academic and behavioral needs reach their full potential within our rigorous learning environment.

If your child has identified learning differences, we know his education may be affected in multiple subject areas. Because of this, we prioritize collaboration between parents, students, teachers, and intervention specialists so that your child’s needs can be accurately identified and served. As a team, we empower your child to self-advocate and develop increasing academic independence as appropriate.

Across all grade levels, we have a partnership with local public schools so that students can receive personalized evaluations from a school psychologist when needed. With the data we collect, we can determine the types of intervention needed and can then work alongside you in formulating an individual plan for your child with clear goals and objectives.

No one knows your child as you do, but we want to learn what makes him tick. Help us identify your child’s strengths, struggles, and learning style, and we will partner with you in tailoring the academic experience accordingly. This is not a one-size-fits-all learning environment. 

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