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Equipping students for success.

At WC we believe no one can make it through life alone, and our K–12 school counseling program is an example of our intentionality in coming alongside students to equip them to be their best for God’s glory. From classroom guidance to individual planning to responsive services and everything in between, our mission is to advocate for students by providing a comprehensive school counseling program that supports the WC administrative team, teachers, parents, and community in the academic, career, social, emotional, and spiritual development of all WC students.

Here your child will benefit from classroom guidance services that focus on study skills, understanding self and others through temperament, career awareness and planning, post-secondary planning and application process, substance abuse education, and multicultural awareness. Individual student planning will assist your child in creating academic and career plans as well as in formulating personal goals. When other issues arise, our responsive services are available to students for individual counseling, small group counseling, and crisis counseling.

When the time comes for your child to consider the next step of his academic journey, we will take a proactive approach toward preparing for this new season of life. We know the college search process is unique to each student as they each have different God-given gifts, strengths, skills, goals, and dreams. We count it a privilege to assist them in their endeavors and to help each family simplify this exciting and, at times, overwhelming process. We meet with juniors, both individually and collectively, to begin preparing them for their senior year. These conversations continue into their senior year as we discuss college plans, visits, applications, career objectives, and much more.


Classroom Guidance
  • Study Skills
  • Understanding Self and Others through Temperament
  • Career Awareness and Planning
  • Post-secondary Planning and Application Process
  • Substance Abuse Education
  • Multicultural and Diversity Awareness
Individual Student Planning
  • Academic Plans
  • Career Plans
  • Developing Personal Goals
Responsive Services
  • Individual Counseling
  • Small Group Counseling
  • Crisis Counseling

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